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With years of experience in both traditional and online marketing, we have the knowledge and expertise to research, plan, develop and implement a tailored marketing strategy, plan, and solution for your business and your budget.

Marketing is – positioning yourself correctly in the market place by using the best platforms in the most appropriate ways to achieve your business goals. Achieving that is not just about what businesses want to tell their customers, it’s about businesses identifying, listening to and understanding their customers and then responding in a way that offers a meaningful and attractive solution.

Mia (company Co-Owner and Director) is your marketing wonder-woman who loves making businesses BOOM using marketing techniques that drive sales.

Simon (company Co-Owner and Director) will also help craft the solution when part of your online marketing requirement is a super website (or other online technology).


A solid Markeintg Stategy integrates your story, your brand, your goals and your budget (and any other practical factors) to identify and reach your target markets, and then engage them to discover how your company or organisation offers them value.

This starts with looking at what you already do and how you can generate more conversions.

Strategy sessions will take you through the myriad of marketing options (including online and more traditional, social media, direct marketing, email markteting and PR) and together we will determine the best methods for you to achieve your business goals.

Practical templates and written execution plans will help you stay on track going forward.

Have you heard people talk about a “social media campaign”, about “Adwords” or about “Facebook marketing” – but not known if or how it relates to your offering, or where to begin?

Do you have a content marketing plan?

Do you review, adjust and modify your plans to ensure that your content is reaching and engaging your customers?

We assist you with a content marketing plan that is a summary of what to to do, when and why (goal focussed and in harmony with your overall marketing strategy) – that may span multiple media channels.
These channels may include online channels such as your website, social media, online publications, online advertising and off-line channels such as print media, direct marketing, promotional collateral such as flyers, brochures, posters and even attending relevant events or expos.

Campaigns needs to be realistic (time, budget, markets identified, goals), specific and measurable.

During campaign execution, on-going management will track attraction, engagement and conversion of viewers into customers.
We can take care of this for you or teach you how to manage and control things yourself (reducing ongoing costs).

Understanding your offering (and how it is perceived by your market).

Are you attracting your tribe and potential customers? Are you talking their language? Hanging out where they hang out both in print and online?

The journey starts with discovering and developing what your brand really is and what it looks like to your customers (existing and potential).
What do they feel and think about when they interact with it and what makes them act (or not)?

You can then create or ehance your brand – the story so far, the future, what it represents, and the worth from the customer’s perspective. Brand worth is measured by practical functional aspects, but perhaps also by ethical (eg. environmental), moral (eg. community support) or more tribal drivers (being seen as for “healthy people”, “smart people”, “attractive people” and so on).

We can help positively enhance how you are perceived and remembered.

Consider if POS (Point of Sale) promotions and collateral that sells your brand, sells your products and converts browsers to buyers would work for you?

Mia (your Marketing consultant) has experience creating carefully crafted campaigns and copy for retail product promotions, and “experience” offerings promotions for companies such as the highly successful national Spa franchise endota spa, and for the growing small businesses Raw Travel on the Mornington Peninsula.

Who are your customers and how is your customer database managed and segmented to match your target markets?

How can the knowledge of existing and/or potential customers be used to promote your products and increase leads and sales without being intrusive or unwelcome?
ie. Do you have a voice in your industry? Are you an expert in your field? Can your knowledge help others?

Email marketing (using tools like Mailchimp) can be successfully used if you design and forward the right type of content to the right segment of your customer lists.

Email moves from Spam to “Bam” (or “Boom” as we like to say) when it’s relevant, personal and potentially useful to your customers.

We can manage your Email marketing campaign or set up and educate you to be in control of your email campaigns.

We have helped effectively organise, promote and manage events in local markets and in larger cities.

Take Raw Travel for example, we ran very effective “travel information nights” increasing average attendances from less than 10 to up to 80, converting them to leads.

With endota spa we effectively managed the partnership with Business Chicks as part of the marketing strategy to increase the endota spa franchise business.

Have you engaged an agency and need help with managing required tasks and actions? Do you need help understanding what the industry jargon means?

We can help you and ensure that you have the right frequency and drive for your campaign or plan.

We have had experience with small and large agencies and graphic artists and can represent your brand and business for you or with you – ensuring the agency or sub-contractor deliviers quality results at a fair price.


After understanding your goals and neeeds through a no obligation consultation we aim to provide VALUE. So, for services such as copywriting and content creation we can work on a per hour or per job basis.

Marketing and Promotions consulting: Please contact us to discuss.

Tailored Workshops and Personal Coaching: Please contact us to discuss.

We may be able to tailor special rates for large jobs, ongoing contracts or for non-profit organisations.

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