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Simon – I’m a results oriented, tech-savvy guy who has over 2 decades of experience in IT consulting, business systems and process anaylsis, and software design, programming, development, implementation, training and support. I’ve worked in Australia, the USA and the UK, on large and complex implementations, for many blue chip companies (Eg. Orica, Shell, Cadbury Schweppes, Atomic Energy Agency of the the UK, McKesson USA, Pacific Gas and Electric) and of course for business owner/operators in Australia.

Now, away from the shackles of the big corporates and red tape – working with small to medium sized organisations is my focus. Building, enhancing and integrating WordPress websites that help businesses achieve the online impact they desire – is what I do!

Your website build is NOT getting outsourced to a unreliable low quality code-farm!
I (Simon, the company co-owner and director) will be working for you.

Small to Medium sized projects are our focus
The costs for every new project, or updates and enhancements to your existing site are estimated on a case by case basis. We can also work to stay within your specified budget or on a retainer.

To give you a guide – typical new website costs ($AUD) where you have most of the base content are:

Simple, Small Site: $800 – $2,000
Medium Size Site: $2,000 – $5,000
Larger/Complex Site (eg. with Shop): $5,000+

Copy / Content Creation / Photography: Per Hour rate
SEO / Site Updates / Enhancements / Integrations: Per Hour rate
Other training / consulting: Per Hour rate

Email & Hosting Costs (paid direct to trusted 3rd party companies with my guidance and no add on fees from CCB) : From $200 – $400 per year (budget / business packages, SSL certificates, Email hosting, etc)

Basic Site Maintenance – WordPress/Plugin updates(optional): From $200 per year

You can try your luck with budget off-shore outfits….. but you won’t get the quality results, personal service, expertise and attention to detail that we provide.

From basic, quick, low cost sites with information and a contact form, to much bigger and sophisticated sites with many pages, online product catalogues, project portfolios, and blogs – right through to fully fledged online stores with online payment gateways or member sites and online communities – we can help!


What we would love to demonstrate is that we can work together with you:

  • to build a site that is unique to you and your business
  • is crafted and styled to match your company logo, branding, messages, images, typeface and personal design preferrences
  • that delivers your message and meets your functional requirements
  • that fits in with your budget and time constraints
  • and that supports a sound strategy for your online “footprint” and marketing
  • without the process being painful or overly expensive

We offer full end to end website design, development, testing, implementation and post go-live support services (that may also include training you to be more self-sufficient).

Check out some site samples here.

From helping you purchase hosting services and new email addresses, to designing and building your site with you, right through to training you to create new and update existing site content after going live…. none of it should be hard, frustrating or confusing.

When you work with Click Click Boom it is not!

Simple sites might have only a few pages (such as Home, Products, About Us, and a Contact form).

More complex sites often include

  • many different information pages,
  • Images galleries,
  • Product catalogues or guides (including downloadable PDF files)
  • Project Portfolio items showcasing your past work (that might include text, picture galleries or slideshows, video and external links),
  • booking calenders
  • your own personal “Blog” section for writing posts on any topics you choose (eg. “news”, “opinion and editorial” or “company event” articles) and that keep your site time relevant.
  • Careers or Jobs section
  • Membership areas with restricted content
  • integrations with other cloud based systems and applications
  • and whatever else your organisation requires!

Want to sell your products or services online and collect payment over the internet (to your bank account)…. no worries – we can do that for you as well.

Pop-up boxes or fancy calls to action can be used to capture the readers attention and convert viewers to leads you can follow up. Some website elements can also be animated and given special effects to make the site look professional and interesting.

What do you have in mind?

“X theme” is a fantastic cutting edge WordPress “theme” that allows us to:
– select a structure, layout, look and feel for us to start the design process with

(check out X theme demo sites here)

– customise the menus, logo, branding, colors, and typeface (fonts) to your liking

– load the site contents and change the layouts (keep what you want, delete what you don’t, rearrange the elements, and so on)
– apply custom styling and tweaks
– to quickly and cost effectively give you a functional, professional website
– that is fully responsive…. meaning it looks great on any desktop, laptop, tablet, phone
– and on all operating systems (Mac, Windows, Android, iOs) and browsers (Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, Explorer etc)

X theme also comes with the best, easiest to use enhanced content editor called “Cornerstone“.

This means we can build you a great website quickly – but we can also (if you like) train you to maintain the site yourself in the future (reducing ongoing costs).

X-Theme cost is a one off purchase of about AUD $100 paid directly to the vendor – ThemeCo (with no add-on costs from us).

If your site is a WordPress website (we can determine this if you don’t know) it’s usually no issue for us to make changes and enhancements to what you already have.

Please Contact Us to talk about where your site it at now and where you want it to be.
This might include things that you hate, things that are outdated or broken, slow site load speed, what you have seen on competitor’s site that you love and want, and so on.

All Websites need to be “responsive” – that is they need to look good on all devices and all operating systems (Mac, Windows, iPhones, Android devices and so on).

We build web sites with tools and techniques that ensure this is the case.

“Content is King”
It’s no good have a website if what you have to say or how it is presented is not engaging.

We are experienced in helping take your messages and write the written “copy” for your website in a intelligent, relevant and “SEO” effective way (allowing Google and search engines to find you and rank you higher in search results).

We can also:

  • visually enhance existing digital images you may have,
  • provide cost effective photography services,
  • re-size and optimise your images for fast website load times and consistent appearance,
  • and even do some basic graphics and desk top publishing work for you.

(Learn more about our content services here)

When required we can enlist the services of trusted third parties for specialised services such as video production or complex graphic design or graphic animations.

Having an attractive and enticing website is just one part of the equation.
A website alone is not producing full benefit if your target customers do not find your site with internet search engines such as Google, when looking for the products or services you offer.

We can help you define your markets, the relevant “SEO search terms and phrases” – and then build sites that are “SEO” friendly. That is, websites that are more likely to rank higher in search engines results (with the aim of being on “page 1”) when your potential customer are looking for your products and services.

There are also other approaches, techniques and tricks we can apply to increase your “on-line presence” (such as getting onto Google Maps) – all with the aim of connecting you with new potential customers.

We offer online Store setup, Product configuration, testing and store styling – using WooCommerce for WordPress websites.

WooCommerce also allows receipt of online payments from anywhere in the world, via all major credit cards (Visa, MC, Amex) and popular payment gateways such as Pay Pal.

We’re also able to set up event or appointment booking systems, booking and inquiry forms that send you email or an SMS, or integrate with third party ticketing systems.

If appropriate and you have the appetite to maintain it, we can help you set up new new social media accounts. (eg. Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn etc.).

For existing accounts or external platforms, we can ensure your website is linked or integrated in a stylish and practical way.

This can be in the form of simple links or icons (Eg. in the header or footer) that open your social media pages, badges, or something a little more sophisticated and snazzy like an inbound live feed from your Instagram to your website (automatically updating the website whenever you update Instagram).

To ensure your website and all your other online platforms work in a coherent and intelligent way, we can develop a marketing and social media strategy with you.
Integrations from your website to other back office systems (such as mass marketing, event management, bookings, CRM, financial systems, and so one) can also often be achieved.

WordPress is a fantastic content management system.

March 2016 statistics (the latest) showed that WordPress is powering over 25% of all websites (and is by far the most used CMS), with almost 60% of market share.
Each day there are over 500 new WordPress sites.

Why use it?

(Click Click Boom can take care of all of the below for you, and/or teach you some of it to empower yourself)

  • WordPress Is Free & Open Source. All hosting companies generally provide one-click installation facility of WordPress.
  • Create Any Website With WordPress. It has a lot of versatility and gives you full flexibility to create any type of website. A wide range of themes (we love X-Theme) and plugins make it versatile and increase it’s functionality.
  • WordPress integrates with the eCommerce plugins WooCommerce to make WordPress a complete online store solution.
  • WordPress Is very SEO Friendly (according to Google).
  • WordPress Is Easy to Use. There is a rich text editor (WYSIWYG – what you see is what you get) and inbuilt facilities and for pages, portfolios, galleries,  blog publishing, user management, comments, RSS feeds, revisions and much more.
  • WordPress Is Easy To Customize. It’s possible to customize colors, design, and even features of a WordPress theme – via a “control panel” called the “WordPress dashboard”. Further customizing can be done using child themes, CSS and PHP.
  • WordPress Supports all sorts of content – allowing you to maintain a “library” of your media to use – supporting images, video, audio, PDF files etc. on  your site.
  • WordPress can easily integrated with other platforms and applications. Default WordPress has lot of inbuilt functionality but we can even make it more powerful with plugins. These plugins can allow for integrations with all sorts of applications and third party platforms – for example, SEO plugins to help Google robots, a live Instagram feed, automatic post of Blog articles to your facebook page, or Mailchimp for customer databases and email campaigns just to name a few.
  • WordPress is quite Secure. It has a high-security standard and regular updates provided by WordPress strongly protect you from vulnerabilities.
  • WordPress has a massive community of active users and developers – it is here to stay and always getting even better!
Need some help writing the content for your web pages?

Did you know that web sites rank higher with fresh, new or updated content?

Need some fit for purpose, good looking pictures of your workplace, your products, or you staff – without paying for a pro photographer? (Makes sense since fast loading web images are usually not displayed at full high resolution anyway)

How about some digital image enhancement to subtly, yet effectively, spruce up what you already have (taking a dull picture and giving it a golden glow or sharpening up fuzzy edges)?

Your website can also be launched or updated in conjunction with the production of other branding, marketing collateral or advertising activities. Learn more about our Content and Marketing Services.

We don’t over-engineer solutions, and we don’t upsell!
We’re big on leveraging the amazing technology that is already out there (rather than “reinventing the wheel”) and happy to teach and empower you to be more autonomous going forward.

Our niche is not building huge websites or programing from scratch with mountains of customised code. It’s not appropriate for most small growing businesses and it costs a lot (up front, and also for ongoing maintenance and changes).

We excel at smart, functional, elegant, fit for purpose, practical websites for small to medium sized organisations and business owners. When you need friendly, honest service, with quality results at a fair cost…. that is where we are suited! (Generally in the $1,000 – $20,000 range)

Our other real strength is being able to provide a broad range or services relevant to a total website solution. For example, marketing, copywriting, basic photography, SEO, images, some custom programming (CSS/PHP), data cleansing, help with spreadsheets, understanding order to fullfilment and AR, basic back office systems integration and architecture – all with a solid level of expertise and at mid range prices.

That means you don’t have to enlist a whole range of people or companies to get a good site up and running and working with your business and business processes.

On the central coast of NSW and want to trade services ?
Let’s discuss possibilities.


Website design and development: $50 + GST (10% / $5) per hour

All jobs are done on the basis of an estimate, and then charged at actual time and purchases (usually very minimal).

When the job is underway – any changes to the estimates are clearly and honestly communicated before proceeding.

Web and Email Hosting and Themes and Plugins are purchase direct by you from those vendors (with no add-on fees).

Talk to us about lower rates for large jobs, ongoing contracts or for non-profit organisations.

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People find businesses and services using the internet.

Why waste money on a Yellow Pages advert? Most people no longer receive it, throw it out, or just never use it.

It makes much more sense to get online with your own google optimised web site – and it does not have to be complicated or require much ongoing effort!